We Help Those With Over $10,000 Of Debt

Buzz Marketing Group Inc. (Buzz) does not assume or pay any debt or provide any legal, debt relief, debt settlement, debt management, or similar services. Buzz provides marketing services for Debt Relief Specialists. When you fill out the form on this page, a Debt Relief Expert will Contact you directly to discuss the services that they are authorized to provide in your province or territory.

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Debt relief provides options that can eliminate up to 80% of debts and enables Canadians to settle their debts for much less than they actually owe – All without declaring bankruptcy! Fill in the form below to see if you qualify!

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Benefits Of The Program

Make one monthly payment for all your debts

Reduce monthly payments to an affordable level

Interest is frozen, saving you thousands

Avoid bankruptcy

Get a new peaceful debt-free life!

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How Do We Help

We can show you how you can consolidate all your bills into a single monthly payment that you can afford, stop collection calls, pay off your debts and get a new financial start, debt free.

Your creditors are willing to accept a proposal through this program because they don’t want you to file bankruptcy. It’s possible to cut a deal with your creditors to reduce interest rates, reduce total balances and pay off the agreed settlement amount.

That’s what we are good at – helping debtors like you find the lowest possible settlement with your creditors.


Total Debt $15,677, Settlement $5,490

Amount Saved $10,187 + No Interest

"Wonderful! Helped me tremendously over the last 5 years to easily pay off my debt and get a great settlement with the nasty creditors."


Total Debt $28,756, Settlement $10,065

Amount Saved $18,691 + No Interest

"Great service and wonderful people! Thanks to my debt counsellor for all her help."


Total Debt $35,345, Settlement $12,800

Amount Saved $22,545 + No Interest

"My experience was very good. They took care of me with compassion and were very informative. I was devastated with my situation, but they put me at ease."